6 Ways To Get Rid Of Nasty Smells In Your Trash Can

Even if you are on top of house chores, some odors can show up anyway and make you think you’re not cleaning properly. However, when letting your nose walk you down the trail, you’ll likely run into the culprit: a stinky trash can.

Taking out the trash is usually enough to eliminate the odor. However, in other cases, the trash can is also stinky. If you’re in this smelly situation, don’t worry! Find out how to remove odors from your trash can and finally enjoy a completely freshened home.

How to eliminate odors from the trash can

Besides taking out the trash, it’s crucial to eliminate the unpleasant smells in the can and prevent them from returning. To do it, you can use any of the following methods. Here are some homeowner’s favorites:

Method #1: Baking soda

Most odors are acidic, and baking soda is a “pH balancer,” meaning it neutralizes terrible smells. Just sprinkle a bit of baking soda inside the trash can before putting a bag inside it.

Method #2: Bleach

If you want to remove odor and disinfect the can, cleaning it with bleach is a great choice. Add 1/4 cup bleach to two gallons of warm water inside a bucket, dip a sponge, and wipe the trash can. Remember to do it while wearing gloves and protecting your eyes. Also, do it in a well-ventilated area, so the bleach fumes dissipate.

Alternative method: If you want to avoid harsh chemicals, vinegar is your best bet. Mix equal parts warm water and white vinegar inside a spray bottle. Then, spray directly onto a soft sponge or microfiber cloth and give your trash can a good scrubbing.

Method #3: Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets soften and add a soothing smell to laundry, but they can also do something about the odors in the trash. Leave a couple of dryer sheets at the bottom of the trash can, right under the trash bag. They will act like magnets to odors and freshen the trash can. 

Method #4: Lemon rind

Citruses are excellent at cutting through grease and leaving a pleasant aroma. If you want to try using lemon, don’t squeeze it! Place lemon rinds inside the can instead.

Method #5: Kitten litter

Kitten litter is essential when taking care of a feline friend, and its usefulness in dealing with odors makes it an interesting home deodorizer. To keep odors at bay, add a scoop of litter to your trash can. 

Pro-tip: Don’t spend your high-quality cat litter on this trick. Any cheap product is more than enough to catch musty smells!

Method #6: Scented cotton balls

You can throw scented cotton balls into the trash can if you’re in the mood for a sweet smell. Just dip a couple of cotton balls in either vanilla extract or essential oil of your choice and leave them inside the trash can.

Note: Since vanilla extract and other essential oils only cover the smells, don’t forget to wash your trash can beforehand. Also, regardless of the method, always take out the garbage as soon as the bag is full, so you won’t need to deodorize when it’s too late!

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