Trust & Safety

If something is not done to your expectations, please let us know. We’ll send a team out to make it right (within a 72 hour window). If after our re-clean is completed and you’re still not happy with service, we offer a full refund. Refunds will only be given if you are still not satisfied after the second cleaning.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied by the results of your clean. PERIOD. If you are not happy, feel free to let us know within 48 hours and we will improve upon our service by sending a cleaner back for free to finish the job.

Yes. Your safety is our biggest concern. All of our cleaners must pass an extensive criminal background check before joining No More Dust Maid Services. We pride ourselves on only recruiting and hiring only the best and most trustworthy cleaners.

We have three levels of security in place. First off our booking page is protected by extended validation ssl. Secondly our booking form has it’s own layer of 256 bit security.  Third, credit card transactions are processed by stripe and is layered on their own 256 security protocol. In addition, no credit card numbers are stored in our system (only a token that allows us to charge the card).  Rest assured we take security very very seriously.

We work hard to make sure that every cleaning appointment is top notch. However, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. If something goes wrong, we will make it right. If you should experience any issues during your clean, please contact us and we will be here to help.

Absolutely! All of our cleaners must pass a full criminal background check before joining No More Dust Maid Services team. In addition, all of our maids must perform a series of “test” cleans before they are fully hired. We work hard make sure that only the best cleaners show up to your home.

Pricing and Policies

When you schedule cleaning services with No More Dust Maid Services, we’ll give you an arrival window of 2 hours. Because we give homes the individualized attention they deserve, we’re not able to provide an exact time of arrival, but we do our best to ensure that our cleaning plan doesn’t interfere with your schedule.

While we understand and respect everyone has different budgets, we’re proud of and stand by our pricing.  Our pricing ensures we provide quality, reliable, and dependable services. In addition, we employ minority women and provide them living wages to be able to provide for their families. We ensure that our pricing covers insurance, supplies, and peace of mind so you don’t have to worry. In the case that there is a schedule change and your assigned cleaner isn’t available, we always have a plan B and C in place. In addition, we provide recleans free of charge by another team if you were not satisfied with your first team.

If we arrive to your home and determine there is excessive dirt, dust, or organization required, we will add an additional $75 heavy duty fee to your booking on top of the original deep cleaning extra.

We do charge a pet fee of $30. The pet fee covers cleaning of pet fur, food, and stains/spots created by your pet. It also covers changing our vacuum filters after your cleaning as to not affect other customers with allergies.

However, we do not perform cleanings in homes with pet/animal waste, insects, biohazards, mold, etc. If we arrive to your home and determine these things exist, your appointment will be cancelled with a $100 cancellation fee.

If we arrive to your home and determine you need additional services or a different type of service, we will notify you right away and discuss your options and pricing. We will update your booking accordingly.

Manage Your Account

Booking your cleaning appointment is easy. To book your appointment, please visit our booking page: Book Now | No More Dust Maid Services DC Metro Area (nmdmaidservices.com)  Simply fill out the entire booking form, and that’s it! You can also give us a call and we can book your appointment over the phone. Please call us at (202) 599-7683.

Log into your account at https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/login/ and update your card on file.  Your new card will automatically be noted as your default card.

Log into your account at https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/login/ and update your address in your upcoming booking. Alternatively you can can give us a call and we will update your address for you.

You can submit a password change request on the customer login page at https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/login/

You can submit a password change request on the customer login page at https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/login/

Log into your account at https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/login/

Getting Started

If your booking goes through, you will always be routed to a booking confirmation page and receive a confirmation email. Please refresh the booking page if your booking isn’t going through as long periods of time on the booking page can time you out.

For questions, concerns, or general inquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call/text us directly at 202-599-7683.

Absolutely! We offer a number of add-on services (ex. inside the refrigerator, laundry, cleaning inside the oven, etc) in which you can select during your time of booking.

Also, we include a “special instructions” section on our booking form. Feel free to provide additional information there as well.

Click here to see our booking form and learn more about our add-on services: https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/booking-page/

Yes! Our cleaning teams come ready to clean your home from top to bottom. Expect them to bring the following items:

1.Vacuum cleaner (if you don’t have one)
2.Mop and bucket
3.Kitchen and bathroom cleaner
4.Window and glass cleaner
5.Furniture spray
6.Oven cleaner
7.Non abrasive spray
8.Non abrasive cleaner
9.Sponge cleaners
10.Cloths for windows, floors, furniture
11.Steel scourers
13.Products against lime scale and mold
14.*Since we know people are particular about the type of laundry detergent used, we asked that you provide your own laundry detergent for use.

We price based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home and the square footage of the home. Select the number and the price is shown instantly on the website.

Our standard clean is a light clean that covers all of the important areas of the home. This clean is perfect if we clean your house regularly. We also offer a deep clean which is a very thorough clean which is recommended if your home hasn’t been cleaned professionally in the last 3 months. To see what’s included in the standard clean, please check out our cleaning checklist here: https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/cleaning-checklist/

We currently service:

  • Independent cities of Alexandria, Falls Church, and Fairfax, Virginia
  • Arlington County
  • Baltimore City and County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Calvert County
  • Charles County
  • Fairfax County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince Georges County
  • Washington DC

When you book service an account is automatically created for you.  Simply set up your account, choose your password, and you’re ready to go. Alternatively you can create and log into your account at this link https://www.nmdmaidservices.com/login/