Boost Your Cleaning Motivation With These 5 Tricks!


Do you have too many cleaning chores on the back burner? Or maybe you just don’t enjoy cleaning at all! Anyway, if you don’t feel like cleaning, you need to boost that cleaning motivation! Here are some tricks that can help you get in a cleaning mood!


Trick #1. Write down your cleaning routine

You can make your whole cleaning routine seem more manageable by breaking it down into the smallest tasks possible! For example, “sweeping the living room” and “wiping the countertops” seem easier than “cleaning your home.”

Sometimes, unclear tasks or goals can be enough to hold you from starting and demotivate you. It is the same for cleaning chores. Cleaning your home can be overwhelming! Instead, write each task you need to do and tackle them one by one.


Trick #2. Play some music

Most cleaning chores are repetitive tasks, and that could be boring for some people. If this is your case, an easy way to boost your cleaning motivation is by listening to your favorite music while doing your chores. 

Music is the perfect pair for cleaning, as it won’t take your attention away from what you are doing. Also, it can improve your productivity, put you in a good mood, and motivate you to keep cleaning


Trick #3. Set a cleaning timer

Timers are excellent tools for boosting your productivity and motivation. Sometimes, people need time pressure to get things done, but that’s not what makes a timer the tool you need. 

Having too much to do can be overwhelming. A timer, however, can help separate your “cleaning time” from the rest of your day and make it look more manageable! 

For example, knowing that you have a 20-minutes cleaning session might be more motivating than knowing that you have to clean! 


Trick #4. Declutter instead of cleaning!

A surprising way in which you can motivate yourself to clean is by decluttering your home first! Decluttering has many benefits on your mental wellness, like improving your focus

However, it can also make your cleaning chores easier! 

A cluttered home takes more time to clean. When things are scattered around your house, you need to pick the stuff up to clean underneath. Also, all that out-of-place stuff gathers dust—meaning that you have to clean more!

Decluttering an entire household can feel overwhelming, which is why Today’s Homeowner has developed a comprehensive resource on how to organize a home room-by-room and where to donate.

Guide to Decluttering Your Home: Checklist & Where to Donate Items


Trick #5. Reward yourself for cleaning

A simple reward can be enough to motivate yourself to clean your home. Maybe you still won’t feel like doing your chores, but you can look forward to the reward that comes after cleaning! 

You only need to pick something you love. For example, it can be your favorite meal, the next episode of a TV show, or anything else! Then, choose the tasks you need to complete before rewarding yourself! 


Bonus tip: Hire a cleaning service and forget about your chores!

If you don’t feel like cleaning, you don’t need to do it! Instead, hire a high-quality cleaning company like No More Dust Maid Services! We offer a wide variety of cleaning services at a flat rate. 

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