How To Clean Your Bathtub Without Damaging It

Between showers, bubble baths froth, and the occasional hair dye experiment, it’s not surprising bathtubs need a little cleaning every so often. So, if you’re wondering what the right way to clean your tub is, don’t worry! Check out our blog to find the answer!

Step #1. Prepare the tub

For a thorough clean, make sure your tub is empty. Besides clearing out your bath stash, kick those mats and curtains to the curb—they’re obstacles for the cleanup.

Once the tub is bare, hit it with warm water to loosen up the grime. If the outer surface also needs cleaning, grab a damp microfiber cloth to wipe and give it a good moistening.

Pro-tip: Save those knees with a mat or some knee pads. Kneeling throughout can be a real pain!

Step #2. Make a homemade cleaner

Your tub’s material determines the cleaner, but don’t think you’ll need to splurge on fancy store-bought stuff. Chances are, your cleaning stash is right there at home.

  • Ceramic, porcelain, acrylic. No need for heavy-duty cleaners. Mix a squirt of mild detergent with warm water for a frothy blend.
  • Fiberglass. Knock out dirt and stains with a mix of ¼ cup vinegar and a cup of water. Load it into a spray bottle for a more effective application.
  • Stone resin. Craft your own cleaner with baking soda, vegetable oil-based soap, water, and vinegar. Mix it up, and you’re good to go!

Step #3. Wipe the grime away

Different tubs call for different cleaning styles as they have unique characteristics. Carrying out the right process will ensure better results and no damage. Treat your tub right with these tips.

  • Ceramic, porcelain, acrylic. Wipe it down with your DIY cleaner and a clean kitchen sponge. For stubborn stains, hit them with the rough side and some elbow grease.
  • Fiberglass. Spritz your vinegar cleaner through the surface and let it sit for ten minutes. Then, wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. Stubborn spots? Roll up those sleeves for some elbow grease.
  • Stone resin. Apply your homemade solution with a clean cloth, making circular motions—you’ll spread it more evenly and achieve a polished appearance. Rinse and repeat.

Step #4. Clean the drain

Bathtub cleaning isn’t complete until the drain gets some attention—don’t worry, it’s quick! Pour hot water down first, but be cautious; you could get burnt, or it could harm the tub, so do it slowly and gradually.

After the hot water, sprinkle a cup of baking soda down there. Wait 20 minutes, then carefully pour hot vinegar to dissolve any gunk. Finish with hot water for a sparkling clean drain.

Pro-tip: Use a funnel to pour the hot liquids down the drain.

Step #5. Rinse and dry

Give your tub a final rinse with warm water to banish any residue. More importantly, make sure to dry it thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth—lingering moisture can invite mold over time.

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