How To Get Spotless Floors Even With Dogs At Home

Having dogs at home creates endless moments of joy you’ll treasure forever. However, this joy doesn’t come without the frustration of constantly trying to keep your floors clean from your dog’s messes.

If you, like many homeowners, are struggling to keep your floors pristine with dogs at home, keep reading! Here, you’ll discover handy tips to manage dirt, pet dander—and even those occasional mishaps—ensuring your floors always look their best!

Tip #1 Groom your dog regularly

It may seem like a basic tip, but it works so well it can’t be missing from this list. Besides, caring for your dog’s coat simplifies your cleaning regimen and promotes the pet’s well-being.

Dedicate time to brush your pet frequently (this varies based on the breed) and provide necessary baths (timings also vary) to minimize shedding. If you take care of your dog’s hair properly, you’ll soon notice the effects on your floors—much cleaner!

Tip #2 Clean their paws after each walk

After an enjoyable walk, both you and your furry pal end up with all kinds of dirt on your feet that you could drag into your home if not careful. While you have it easy cleaning your soles in the entrance mat, your dog might need a helping hand.

Reach for a clean cloth, moisten it with clean water, and gently cleanse your dog’s paws and the spaces between their toes. Investing a few minutes in paw maintenance at that moment spares you the later chore of floor cleaning.

Pro-tip: Specialized pet wipes or alcohol-free towels offer gentler care for their paw pads. 

Tip #3 Quickly clean accidents

Addressing accidents while still fresh is vital to keep your floors pristine, as they are easier to remove without much of a trace. This is especially true for your dog’s occasional mishaps. Urine, for instance, can permeate surfaces and create awful odors if left unattended.

If you’re lucky and spot an “incident” right after happening, gather your cleaning supplies and promptly tackle the situation. The cleanup process and products vary based on the affected area. Keeping this in mind guarantees optimal results.

Tip #4 Designate a feeding zone

Although you could change the messy eating habits of your furry friend, it would take more time than you might spare. An easier solution is to limit the zone where they make their mess by designating and adapting an area for them to eat.

For example, place their food dishes near a corner. The walls will act as a barrier, confining any potential mess. A quick sweep with a dustpan will be enough to tackle the mess once your pet finishes. Also, consider a non-slip silicone mat to house their food dishes.

Tip #5 Consider getting specialized cleaning tools

Even with all the care, some things can get out of your reach. So, to clean future messes that you might be unable to prevent, we recommend getting tools specifically designed to deal with them.

Invest in a pet-specific vacuum cleaner, lint roller, or pet stain cleaner. Your chores will be much easier. However, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to engage in that many cleaning tasks, an autonomous vacuum cleaner such as a Roomba would be a great asset.

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