How To Keep Dust Away From Your Home

We know dust is the worst when it comes to keeping the house clean. No matter how much you clean, you never seem to be able to get rid of it. To make matters worse, some of the particles that form dust can cause allergies and even worsen breathing conditions.

Don’t worry; keeping dust at bay might not be a breeze, but it is possible! Here are some tips to minimize the collection of dust at home.

Tip 1: Turn your house into a no-shoes zone

Dust is a mix of tiny particles such as dirt, hair, clothing fiber, dead bugs, pollen, and dead skin cells that can get into our homes. Shoes are the main carrier of dust and dirt from the outside world. So, what’s the easiest way to avoid it? Commit to a no-shoes system policy at home to keep dust outdoors.

This is a practice commonly used in Asian households to protect wood floors and carpets and to avoid dirt or other elements from the outside. Adopting this custom not only keeps the dust away but will also keep your floors clean for longer.

Note: To make things easier, you can place a nice shoe rack near your front door and wear slippers for inside use only.

Tip 2: Keep the dust outside

As we mentioned earlier, dust comes mostly from the outside and can easily get inside your home carried by the wind. So, an easy way to have a dust-free home is to keep doors and windows closed during windy days to prevent dust from coming in. It May sound too simple, but it works!

Tip 3: Change your bed sheets weekly

This may sound shocking to some of you, but the dust we find in our homes can come from within. Humans shed skin flakes or dead skin particles that tend to accumulate mostly on things we wear or where we sleep. 

It is important to wash our bed sheets weekly to prevent the buildup of these particles. Other fabrics like comforters or mattress pads can be cleaned monthly.

Tip 4: Schedule a cleaning routine

Trying to clean the entire house in one day is exhausting, but neglecting regular cleaning will surely lead to a dusty home. Make a schedule where you can dust off certain parts of the house on different days so it is not overwhelming and exhausting.

Tip 5: Use an air purifier

If you suffer from allergies, this will be great for you! An air purifier with a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, commonly known as HEPA, can make it easier to keep dust away from our surfaces. HEPA filters will effectively trap dust, microorganisms, and allergens, ensuring they do not escape back into the environment.

Note: For better results, place your purifier near the main source of ventilation, like the front door or open windows.

Tip 6: Dust baseboards with dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are amazing for picking up dust, especially in places where dust accumulates easily, like baseboards. Pass a dryer sheet over the baseboards, and you’ll see how fast and easy it is to trap the dust.

Tip 7: Do without carpeting

If you are up for it, give up on carpeting. Carpets collect a huge amount of dust and release it every time you walk on them. Instead, go for wood, tile, stone, or vinyl; it’s easier to clean and efficiently keeps dust away.

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