How To Properly Wash Microfiber Cloths (So They Last Longer!)

Microfiber cloths are the ultimate cleaning item. They are easy to carry, are multipurpose, fit anywhere, and do a marvelous cleaning job. So, it is normal to want to take care of microfiber cloths and keep them clean as much as you can.

However, did you know that they can end up useless if not washed correctly? Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much about it. In this blog, you’ll learn step by step how to clean your microfiber cloths so they can last longer!

How to clean your microfiber cloths without ruining them

Taking care of your microfiber cloths is not a complex task, but you may not know all the specifics. Whatever the case, here’s the proper way to wash your cloths.

Before you start

To further take care of your microfiber cloths throughout the cleaning process, here are two valuable tips:

  1. Always wash your microfiber cloths separately from any other fabrics. This way, you’ll prevent them from accumulating lint.
  2. Do not use additional detergents, softeners, or cleaning chemicals on your cloths, as it could irreversibly damage them.

Method #1. How to wash your microfiber cloths by hand

If you have a soiled microfiber cloth from dusting-related chores, washing it by hand is your best option. To clean them this way, fill with cold water a bucket big enough to fit all the cloths you want to wash. Then, toss the cloths inside and let them sit there for five minutes.

Once time has passed, use your hand to swirl the microfiber cloths. You’ll see the water getting muddy as the grime and dust are loosened. Keep doing this for one to two minutes before taking the cloths out.

After you take the rags out, rinse them thoroughly under cold running water. Finally, line-dry them, preferably away from other kinds of fabric—let them air dry completely to be ready for another use!

Method #2. How to machine wash your microfiber cloths

If washing your cloths by hand doesn’t work as expected or they are stained with grease or liquids, you’ll need to use the washer. To start, rub a little bit of laundry detergent on the tougher stains with your finger. Do it from each side of the fabric for more effectiveness.

Next, place the microfiber cloths inside the washer and pour half the amount of detergent you use with a similar load. Select the cold or warm water setting and let the machine run. Halfway through the agitation cycle, stop the washer and let the cloths soak for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, let the rest of the washing cycle continue as normal. To finish, hang your microfiber cloths to let them air dry. Although not recommended, you can use the dryer machine, but be sure to previously clear the lint trap and run it at the lowest temperature setting.

Give your microfiber cloths a break!

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