Ready To Move In? How To Clean Your New Home

You are moving into a new house and starting a new life. How exciting! 

However, moving is not all fun and games. It involves a lot of to-dos, including cleaning your new home before actually getting to live there. 

Of course, cleaning a whole new house can be overwhelming. So, we bring you some advice to get on with this task and leave your home pristine before moving in!

1. Open windows to avoid stale air

Stale air can cause health issues, like headaches, exhaustion, and even allergies.

Your new house could have been locked and uninhabited for a long time! So, keep windows open while cleaning, letting the air flow. This way, you can enjoy the fresh air rather than the disgusting musty smell while you clean.

2. Start from the top

Dust floats around, even in a new house! So, it’s almost 100% sure that the dust has settled everywhere, including the highest places around your home. However, many homeowners skip those high areas because they aren’t visible.

So, don’t forget to dust ceiling fans, vents, light fixtures, and the top of the cabinets! In fact, those spots should be at the top of your cleaning checklist—this way, all the fallen dust won’t make you re-clean your floors! 

3. Spot-clean the walls

After furnishing your new home, a big part of your walls will be inaccessible. So, why not ensure your walls are spotless before you can no longer clean them? 

All you have to do with painted walls is dip a sponge in soapy water and look for stains on the walls. If you have wallpaper, you can also use soapy water, but wring out the sponge to ensure moisture doesn’t damage your wall.

4. Clean cabinets and shelves

Let’s get all that storage space ready for your items! You don’t want your kitchen supplies to get dirty from just putting them in their rightful place, right? Besides, now that the cabinets and drawers are empty, cleaning them will be a breeze.

5. Clean kitchen appliances

You’re going to be using your appliances regularly soon! So, get them ready for all your future needs. 

If your new house already has a fridge installed, take the shelves out and wipe inside the appliance with a non-toxic cleaner. Also, clean the oven and stove so you can start cooking right away! And don’t forget the sinks, built-in dishwasher, and microwave. 

Note: Clean all your kitchen appliances even if they seem clean—remember that you can’t see the germs.

6. Don’t forget the hidden spots

Honestly, no one will notice if you skip all the hidden areas behind appliances and furniture. However, now that your home is almost empty, it’s an excellent opportunity to ensure everything is spotless. 

So, ready your cleaning supplies and look behind, below, and around all the appliances and furniture. Doing this could save you from unwanted surprises—like finding spider webs, other plagues, or foul smells.

7. Clean the floors and carpets

Since you started from the top, it’s only natural you end at the bottom! You need to take advantage now that your home is unfurnished and clean every corner of your floor. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to envision where you want to put everything!

Since it’s a new house, you shouldn’t have too much to clean on the floors. Just your regular vacuuming, sweeping, and moping routine should be enough. 

Let us take the weight off your shoulders!

Moving into a new house is already a time-consuming process. And on top of that, you have to clean. Don’t let an already tiring task become exhausting!

However, there is an easy way to get a spotless home without giving up your free time: Hire our move-in service and let No More Dust Maid Services do the job. We offer the best cleaning services in the Washington DC metro area!