6 Things That Make A Cleaning Company Trustworthy

So you’re considering a cleaning service, that’s great. You need help with your house, and that feeling of having someone, of taking that weight off your shoulders is nice…or so you think.

Is there a way to know if a cleaner is trustworthy? What happens if there’s an accident during the cleaning service? If you ask yourself these questions and you’re worried about making the right call, look for these six things! They will help you find a cleaning company right for you.

1. Top cleaning requires skill

Cleaners make the company, so a team of well-trained professionals will ensure a flawless job. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smaller or relatively new business; the services will be great if the crew is solid. 

2. Insurance is always good

Cleaning is usually a safe job, but having extra protection for you and the maid is always nice. When considering a cleaning company, make sure they’re insured for their and your peace of mind. 

Also, if the company is bonded, there’s another layer of protection in the legal field. 

3. Customers are the best reviewers

Cleaning companies can’t grow without the support of the people, so feedback is always welcome. After every cleaning job, those who take the time to rate the service and write their testimonial leave proof of their satisfaction. 

Always make sure to look for customer reviews. Some sites even include Yelp reviews, which assure they’re from real people. Hopefully, you’ll write one too in the future!

4. They provide their own supplies

A good cleaning company always has the right tools at hand, from microfiber cloths to non-toxic cleaning products, all top quality. That is one less thing to worry about, and the best part is that everything is included with the service—you don’t have to pay for supplies!

5. Customer satisfaction is the goal

At the end of the day, the mission of every cleaning service should be their customer’s satisfaction. Something that sets a company apart from the rest is having some sort of satisfaction guarantee. 

For example, No More Dust offers a 72-hour timeframe to address any problem after the cleaning job. Just call us back, and we will make sure to get things right!

6. A trusted cleaner must have a spotless record

Having a stranger at home can be awkward, and not knowing if they have a clean background is even scarier. Every business trying to keep it safe does a background check on whoever they interview, and it should be the same for cleaning companies.

No More Dust does extensive background checks and also checks for references when hiring. This way, you’ll meet a cleaner who takes their job seriously and knows how to leave your home spotless.

Hire a trustworthy cleaning service in Washington DC

You can find all the things mentioned above at No More Dust. Do you need another reason to get your cleaning service now? Booking is easy (it’ll take you as much as a minute,) and you’ll get a top-quality service. Call now or schedule online