5 Signs Your Home Needs Deep Cleaning

Your home is a network of commodities… and dirt. Sometimes, regular cleaning isn’t enough to remove all the built-up dirt inside your home! If you ever wonder when you should stop everything and deep clean your home, your house itself can tell you! 

Here are some signs your home needs a deep cleaning. This is how your home tells you “enough is enough!”

1. Stained trails from shoes

If you enter your home without taking off your shoes or putting on slippers or flip flops, you’re just tracking dirt in. 

Sure, you can remove the soil with a broom or lift it with a vacuum cleaner. However, one day you will notice that shoe trails start appearing on your floors and won’t go away after sweeping. 

It happens because a layer of grime is building up where people in your household walk by! It’s time to mop and scrub thoroughly!

2. Something Smells Bad

This sign is easy to find—or rather, to smell! 

If you walk around your house and notice an unpleasant odor, it should be pretty easy to locate the source. It could be the laundry room from all those unwashed clothes you forgot to take care of, the dishes, or the bathroom.

However, you should sound the alarm when you notice these smells while standing several feet apart, or you are unsure where they come from! Deep cleaning is overdue.

3. What’s With All That Sneezing?

Maybe one day you start sneezing and feel some irritation… but you don’t usually have allergies! This is when you should notice the amount of dust in your home. 

Built-up dirt, along with some trapped pollen and spores from spring, can worsen your indoor air quality. If allergy symptoms are triggered inside your home from nowhere, it’s time to deep clean your house.

4. Your Socks Aren’t Supposed To Be Hairy

Maybe you don’t bring your shoes inside and slip on comfortable indoor footwear. Sometimes you just end up in your bare socks, for a quick run to a different room, or just can’t find your slippers. Not an issue… until you see hair. 

The moment you see hair sticking to your socks, it’s when you need to act. This will happen faster if you own pets.

5. Everything seems duller

Are the walls discolored? Does the floor seem duller? They might need some scrubbing! 

Grime and greasy residue might build a thin layer over most surfaces in your home. Grime buildup is more evident on large surfaces like floors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and walls. It’s not a surprise; most surfaces in your home are left untouched during a regular cleaning!  

So you need to deep clean your home. Now what?

Looking for the signs that your home needs a deep cleaning is the easy step! Now, it’s time to clean. However, if you are too busy to clean, you can rely on the professionals to deep clean your home! 

Cleaning is our business, and we are pretty good at it! Expect trustworthy and skilled cleaners, the best cleaning supplies, and fair pricing! Here you can learn what’s included in our deep cleaning package!

Booking online is straightforward and takes as much as a minute. Don’t hesitate and get a premiere cleaning now!