An Easy Guide To Clean Baseboards (No Bending Over Needed!)

Is bending over and kneeling during chores not something you enjoy doing? While cleaning baseboards is generally not difficult, the strain on your knees and back makes this chore more complicated than it should be. 

Fortunately, cleaning baseboards without all that back and knee pain is very much possible! Just keep reading to learn how.

A three-step guide to cleaning your baseboards effortlessly 

This method is as easy as it gets. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes to stand in for a while or get a comfortable stool or chair. Follow the next steps to get it done!

Step 1. Dust the baseboards with any extended tool

First, you need to get surface dust off the baseboards. Doing this is pretty straightforward, as you only have to wipe from side to side. 

However, the trick is to have the right tools for all the reaching and preventing discomfort. You can use a dry mop, an extendable duster, a flexible duster (for the spots behind the furniture), a specialized baseboard cleaning tool, or even a DIY tool! 

Pro tip: 

You can make an effective DIY tool with a broom with a long handle, a couple of microfiber cloths, and a few rubber bands. Cover the broom’s bristles with the cloths and attach them with rubber bands to keep everything together—it’s that easy!

Step 2. Wash the baseboards with soapy water

Once your baseboards are dust-free, it’s time to work on the rest of the grime and stains. To do this, you need a cleaning solution. 

Soapy water is a household classic that removes all sorts of grime and dirt from your baseboards without damaging them. So, simply adding a few splashes of dish soap to your water is enough.

You will use either a flat mop, a DIY, or a specialized baseboard cleaning tool to wipe. To get the solution on the baseboards, you can use a spray bottle or a bucket big enough to dip your cleaning tool in. Then, simply wipe from side to side!

Step 3. Dry the baseboards

Baseboards will, of course, not take excessive moisture kindly. So, as soon as you’re done washing, you must start drying. 

Doing so will help avoid moisture seeping into the baseboards and ruining the wooden finish, keeping them looking as good as new.

Extra step: Keep the dust at bay

This extra step will keep the baseboards dust-free for longer, so you don’t have to clean them frequently.

All you need to do is attach a few dryer sheets to your broom and hold them with a few rubber bands. Then, rub the sheets all along the baseboards. The coating on the dryer sheets will remove the static, which is what attracts dust!

Let the pros handle the difficult chores!

If you don’t want to (or can’t) bend and kneel for long stretches of time, cleaning baseboards is probably not the only task that can get tiresome and even painful.

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