How Frequently Should You Vacuum Your House?

Getting rid of dust in your home can be tedious, but most of the time, it’s not a complex matter. However, if you want to do it like a pro, save some time, and get long-lasting results, you’ll need some advice.

Not all areas in your home require the same level of attention, and not all houses have the same vacuuming needs. Below, we share the info on what could impact your vacuuming routine so you can tailor one that suits you just right.

How frequently should you vacuum your floors?

The attention your floors require can vary depending on what type you’ve got. More specifically, it comes down to the floor’s texture. Let’s break it down:

  • Hard surfaces (like vinyl and tile). A weekly vacuum with the suction power to the top is the way to go. Got grout? A quick sweep before vacuuming will help to loosen the dirt.
  • Hardwood. Slick, finished wood only needs a weekly vacuum to keep dust at bay. If you have unfinished surfaces, amp it up twice a week, following the grain for top-notch dust snatching.
  • Carpeted areas. These spots are dust magnets, especially those with plush, high-pile carpets. Aim for thrice-weekly vacuuming. Low-traffic zones or low-pile carpets? Twice a week should suffice.

And don’t forget your mattresses and upholstery!

Even with covers, your mattresses and upholstery need some vacuum from time to time. Mattress will be fine with a twice-a-year session, ideally during spring cleaning and October (when dust mite season wraps up).

Now, for upholstered furniture, it’s a bit different. Vacuum monthly pieces that don’t get much contact, like headboards. But for pieces you might be in contact with more often, such as your couch and cushions, set a weekly vacuum to keep them in tip-top shape.

What about if you have pets?

If pets are part of your squad (especially if they live indoors), you know the struggle against their hair is real. The ideal vacuuming frequency to keep hair under control is daily.

Are you short on time and cannot meet a daily schedule? No biggie! Thorough vacuuming two or three times a week will help you keep your home hairless—remember to always keep an eye on your furball’s shedding habits!

Don’t skip ceilings and walls!

It may seem weird to include ceilings and walls on your vacuuming plans, but they also need a little attention now and then to stay dust-free.

Don’t worry about tackling their entire surface. Focus on the dusty nooks, sneaky cobwebs, and spots behind frames. Schedule these vacuuming sessions monthly or quarterly, depending on how dusty your living space tends to get.

Keen on a dust-free home? We can make it happen

Vacuuming your home frequently is crucial so it stays as clean as it should. If you are out of time to do it, leave it in our hands! On top of vacuuming your place, we’ll give every room in your a top-to-bottom clean so that you can kick back in a healthy, dust-free zone.

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